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Founded by Jin Kim, a current practicing pharmacist and pharmacy owner in New Zealand,


He started Cretem NZ from asking “How can we enhance business efficiency, safety and profitability in pharmacies?" and then took action to develop Cretem NZ


Cretem NZ is committed to being an innovative pharmacy automation provider to better equip pharmacies with leading technology and prompt service at an affordable price to enhance productivity and profitability of pharmacies in New Zealand.


Cretem NZ is the exclusive partner of Cretem HQ in South Korea, the leading provider for pharmacy automation systems. Cretem is one of the leading companies providing sachet robots to dispensaries around the globe. It has domestic and international networks, providing advanced technologies and ideas to pharmacies in 32 different countries around the world. With 30 years’ experience in automation, it has become dominant in the international pharmacy business market, with over 500 robots in Europe, more than 300 in the USA, and in excess of 300 in China. Over 2000 Cretem robots have been placed in South Korea alone and this market is still growing.


Cretem NZ will aspire to be New Zealand's most trusted and valued pharmacy automation system provider, and will continue to develop innovative technology for the efficient operation of pharmacies.


This cutting edge robotic technology combined with tailor designed carts provides a unique opportunity for New Zealand Residential Care Facilities.

Cretem thrives to challenge pharmacies in New Zealand to create a better future with customers and is committed to providing the leading technology to transform your ideas into reality.


With our unparalleled expertise and skills gained from thinking about New Zealand pharmacy businesses, Cretem is devoted to developing new innovations and provide exceptional service to be recognized as the most valued and trusted company in providing automation systems to pharmacies in New Zealand.


We understand your pharmacy business

Get prepared for a revolution in NZ pharmacies together with Cretem NZ

Cretem Technology is the most automated of all the available robotic technologies used in New Zealand which means less chance of human error.

Spare robots are available for immediate replacement if required-no delay in fixing any issues that may arise. Guaranteed maximum 48-hour response time.

Cassettes can be calibrated here in New Zealand which enables faster response to any PHARMAC changes and provides maximum flexibility for providing medication in either sachet or blister form. Software is able to be changed quickly if required.

Cretem also have a range of associated products to assist pharmacies to be efficient and safe when using robotic technology to dispense medicine for patients and for nurses or rest home staff to be as safe as possible when administering medicines.


Jin kyu kim





Unit 5, Katere Road, New Plymouth 4312

New Zealand

Phone 06 769 5660


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