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Special Features

Are you sick of filling up the trays?


Cassettes, Chips & Drug Passages

By using Cretem NZ's cassette identification system, human errors can be eliminated which helps to increase dispensing accuracy.

The simple structure and design of the drug passage allows the medicines to drop down to the final packing unit with minimal interference and cause less drop delay time.

The 'T shape' slider system applied on the drug passages of each cassette drawer allows the operator to clean and maintain the drug passage with ease.

Frequently used medicines are located at the front face of the machine for easier and faster operation.


Easy, Simple! FSPs (Free Shape Packer)

This is the first world patented technology system introduced by Cretem.

FSP technology allows you to dispense any half tablets and/or odd-shaped medicines into a sachet without using a dedicated cassette.

No need to fill up any trays for dispensing half tablets or rarely used medications!

Allowing you and your staff to dedicate your valuable time to providing a wider range of customer service.

The operator needs to fill the FSP drawers with odd-shaped medicines or half tablets for dispensing and the rest is done by the Cretem robot.

Every robot has at least 3 FSPs so you can dispense 3 different medicines or half tablets simultaneously.

Any remaining medicines left inside the FSP unit after dispensing are collected automatically into the FSP dispensing cup.


MDU (Manual Dispensing Unit)

You can also dispense small quantities of medicines, odd-shaped medicines and half tablets that are not suitable for FSPs or cassettes can go through the MDU.

The operator must place the correct number of medications into the MDU tray in the correct cell.

APCU (Auto Packer Control Unit) screen guides the operator to place the correct number of medications into the correct cell using colour codes for placing more than one type of medication into the MDU.

Dispensing medicines through the cassettes results in faster packing speed and demands less human attention.


APCU (Auto Packer Control Unit)

APCU receives packing information from ATMS (Sachet Dispensing Software) on your dispensary computer to control the robot and pack medicines into sachets. It also displays a variety of information such as:

  • Current operation information.

  • Error notification.

  • Management messages (e.g., refill the cassette)

  • Display guide to fill the FSPs and/or MDU


Packing Unit

It is very easy and simple to replace packing rolls and printing ribbons as this unit was designed with the operator in mind.

The tilting head system applied on the printing unit improves print accuracy and quality.

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