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Purchase Procedure

Keep it simple, keep it automated


Choose a model you want


Procedure to order

Contact CretemNZ to discuss equipment requirements to purchase plan.

Once confirmed.

  1. Sign P/O form issued by CretemNZ then scan and return it to CretemNZ.

  2. Pay deposit (as agreed upon)

  3. Order cassettes by sending CretemNZ a medicine list in Excel file with the PDE code.

  4. Installation & Testing.

  5. Training.

  6. Supporting on-site.

  7. Paying the remainder of invoice.


Other purchasing options

  1. Lease and own

  2. Rent

  3. Trade-In



  • The warranty is for 12 months after purchase and applies to malfunction or faults with the machines.

  • CretemNZ reserve the right to either repair or replace depending on the fault/problem.

  • This warranty does not apply for any fault or problem caused through misuse of the equipment or where untrained personnel have used the machines incorrectly.

  • This warranty does not cover normal wear or tear of the machines.

  • An extended warranty is available at an extra cost if required.


Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Click the above link to download PDF file.

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