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Annual full machine check and cleaning service by a trained engineer.


Checks wear and tear parts (Consumables).



Cleans whole body including FSPs, drug passages, and MDU.


Writes a service report, so it is clear what work we have provided and what you need to be aware of.


All parts and stock are available in NZ warehouse.


Rapid supply of spare parts from Korea if required.


We can supply parts from a New Zealand warehouse as most parts are interchangeable.

Experienced Cretem engineers from Cretem-Korea visit and train New Zealand-based engineers to help support New Zealand pharmacies.

Dispensary Staff Training


On-Site training

If a pharmacy is far from Auckland, we stay at your pharmacy for at least 2 full days to make sure your staff feel confident about operating the robot.


On-Site service


Demonstration room training

It takes about 4 to 6 hours. It is highly recommended that your staff get trained at our demonstration room if possible. They can concentrate on training without any disturbance from a busy pharmacy.

It takes within 48 hours.

90% of the problems that may arise can be solved over the phone and/or with remote services. We can usually connect to your computer to find and solve the problems.

In the case of a major problem such as physical breakdowns, we can get to your pharmacy within 48 hours. We do not want your pharmacy to have any disruption with your sachet service.

Cassette Service


CretemNZ has established a cassette centre in New Zealand, to respond faster to your cassette needs.

Cretem NZ will help your dispensary maximise automation and efficiency.

Free Cassette Swap Service

You need to send the old cassette(s) to us and we will send the new cassette(s) within 5 working days.

Let us know before you send us your cassette(s).

It takes about 5 working days to receive a new cassette after an order.

We  provide a free 1 year full warranty, conditions apply.

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