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The Benefits of using

  1. Competitive pricing across all our product range.

  2. Inexpensive consumables.

  3. Less maintenance costs

1. Our Technology

Cretem technology is the most automated of all the available robotic technology used in

New Zealand which means less chance of human error.

2. Our Robots

Spare robots are available for immediate replacement if required no delay in fixing any issues that may arise.

Guaranteed maximum 48-hour response time.

3. Our Cassettes

Cassettes can be calibrated here in New Zealand which enables faster response to any PHARMAC changes and providers maximum flexibility for providing medication in either sachet or blister form.

Software can be changed quickly if required.

4. Our Business

CretemNZ also have a range of associated products to assist pharmacies to be efficient and safe when using robotic technology to dispense medicine for patients and for nurses or rest home staff to be as safe as possible when administering medicines.

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