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Cretem Technology is the most automated of all the available robotic technology in New Zealand which means less chance of human error.

Spare robots are available for immediate replacement if required-no delay in fixing any issues that may arise. Guaranteed maximum 48-hour response time

Cassettes can be calibrated  here in New Zealand which enables faster response to any PHARMAC changed. Software is able to be changed quickly if required.

Cretem also have a range of associated products to assist pharmacies to be efficient and safe when using robotic technology to dispense medicine for patients and for nurses or rest home staff to be as safe as possible when administering medicines.

Cost wise

  1. Competitive pricing across all our product range

  2. Inexpensive consumables

  3. Less maintenance costs

Operation & Maintenance

  1. Accurate dispensing

  2. Easy to operate

  3. Rapid production (less than 2 minutes to produce 84 sachets including half tablets or capsules)

  4. Requires minimal experience to operate

  5. Toniq & RxOne integrated


  1. Fully Automated

  2. FSP (free shape packer) dispenses tablets/capsules without tray filling or manual dispensing

  3. Notification reminder for your patient to collect repeats or to see a doctor

  4. Easy view of the medication use history

  5. Hot swap bases (minimum of 16, up to 20 depending on the model) allows the operator to easily swap the cassettes on and off the robot.

  6. Hot swap bases do not dedicate the cassette to a cassette base, as you can move them around , but they still have the safety measures to check which medicine is inside the cassette.

  7. FSP units are designed for dispensing odd shaped tablets or half tablets which are not suitable to be dispensed from cassettes 

Free cassette swaps

  1. We offer a free cassette swap service for the first 6 months after purchase if and when Pharmac changes a tender.

  2. Let us know what cassette you require and send us the old cassette, and we will send out the new cassette you’ve ordered.

  3. NZ based cassette calibration centre established to provide faster response to your cassette orders.

  4. Five working days to receive your cassette after you place an order with us.



  1. Each cassette is calibrated to its own medicine. Cassette drums are made so that it can only fit the medicine allocated

  2. An address chip is placed on a cassette with a dedicated number

  3. Eliminates human errors

Increase regular patients

  1. By providing a sachet service, it is easier to engage patients. Once the patient gets used to getting a sachet service, it encourages them to  stay with your pharmacy.

  2. Increase the number of LTC patients.

  3. Patients can get 90 days worth of sachet service, but most have a 28 or 30 days service. This means they will come to your pharmacy more often resulting in increased foot traffic.



Increase rest home contracts

  1. It is becoming near impossible to establish a contract with a rest home without an automation robot. A pharmacy should understand and be able to manage an automation system and provide the services to those who can benefit from a sachet service.

  2. Once your pharmacy business establishes a robust system, you can make an offer to rest homes with confidence and explain about the services your pharmacy can provide to establish a contract.

  3. It takes less time to pack sachets using a robot than hand packing blister packs manually. Also, the checking procedure is safer and easier compared to manual blister packing. You may not need  extra staff members even with a new rest home contract as the robot needs minimal human attention.

Modular sizes

  1. Wide range of sizes- from 92 cassettes up to 500

  2. Three different sachet designs to suit your dispensary


  1. Easy to check by a pharmacist

  2. Easy to tear and open

  3. Easy to carry


  1. All clear sachet rolls – easy to check by a pharmacist

  2. Half white and half clear sachet roll – for printing bar codes on the sachets, making easier to see the print of the sachet

  3. Sachets are biodegradable – enhanced polyethylene (a thin layer of PET is added to half clear rolls)

  4. Printing Ribbon


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