"I believe that Pharmacy dispensing in New Zealand, will change to computerized systems resulting in more accurate, efficient, cost effective and hygienic dispensing.


We are the ones preparing Pharmacists for the future.


Keep it simple,

Keep it automated


I am an enthusiastic pharmacist,

currently practicing in New Zealand.

I started Cretem NZ from asking myself, “How do we enhance business efficiency, safety and profitability in pharmacies?" and then took action to develop Cretem NZ


Cretem NZ is committed to being an innovative pharmacy automation provider to better equip pharmacies with leading technology and prompt service at an affordable price to enhance productivity and profitability of pharmacies in New Zealand.


Cretem NZ will aspire to be New Zealand's most trusted and valued pharmacy automation system provider, and will continue to develop innovative technology for the efficient operation of pharmacies.


"I am a pharmacist and a pharmacy owner.

I understand the problems which may arise in pharmacies in New Zealand and I want to come up with solutions which will make both pharmacist's and the pharmacy owner's lives better.  Let’s make it happen together, for the better future of New Zealand pharmacies.”

Jin. Kim


Unit 5, 58 Katere Road, New Plymouth 4312

New Zealand

Phone 06 769 5660


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